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Jawbox Ginger & Honey Gin Tea Recipe

Gin has undoubtedly become the most popular spirit on any bars shelf, everyone seems to now have a favourite G&T perfect serve “that you must try!”

Jawbox, ginger ale and a chunk of honeycomb just so happens to be one of my favourite gin perfect serves as well as many people I have spoken to about gin. Based upon this fact I decided to try and create a slightly different take on this rather unusual perfect serve using homemade ginger and honey tea.


800ml Water

100g Peeled & Sliced Ginger (I used "Very Lazy Chopped Ginger")

10/12 Mint Leaves

75ml Organic Honey

70ml Lemon Juice

200ml Jawbox Belfast Cut Classic Dry Gin


1). Bring 800ml water to boil in a pot.

2). Once boiled add ginger, mint and honey then remove from the heat.

3). Put the lid on and let steep for 10 minutes.

4). Strain ingredients from liquid and let cool.

5). Once cooled add juice from one lemon and sugar if you wish, depending on your preferred sweetness.

6). Add 200ml of Jawbox gin, stir, serve over ice garnished with a chunk of honeycomb and mint sprig.

Serves up to 4.

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