I have compiled this cocktail recipe and guidebook with the aim of showing just how simple it is to make delicious cocktails at home during lockdown. All the cocktail recipes in this book can be created with ingredients that are easily sourced from local supermarkets and off licences.


Contents of this ebook include:

- Glassware guide

- Cocktail equipment guide

- 50 cocktail recipes

- 50 step by step cocktail making guides



- Full colour A4 PDF ebook


A quick note from Booze Bandit Cocktails:

This book took a lot of time, effort and research to write, compile and edit. Despite the book being sent to you in a PDF format we would appreciate if you did not replicate, distribute or forward the PDF document to people who live outside of your household.

Thank you for understanding and supporting our small business during this difficult period.


This book was written, edited and published by Booze Bandit Cocktails in 2020.

Copyright Booze Bandit Cocktails 2020


Lockdown Cocktails Recipe eBook